• What data are most important?
  • What are the best ways to organize data?
  • Is there enough time to devote to data analysis?

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Making Data Informed Decisions

A data-driven school draws on the experience, wisdom, and dedication of its staff, while systematically using evidence. By understanding and using data in meaningful ways, a data-informed culture can be developed and can become the foundation of:

  • Your work to improve student experiences and outcomes
  • The use of data to tell your school’s story in a compelling way

This section walks you through the steps for making data-informed decisions at a school, including how to: prepare to collect data; collect and analyze data; and use data to affect change.

Data and the College Partnership

In early college design schools, working collaboratively with a college partner is the key to student success. Collecting, analyzing, and sharing the right data strengthens the collaboration and helps to inform each partner's role.

To establish a partnership, you first need to know how to communicate goals, form a team, and create protocols and agreements to solidify the relationship. Once the partnership is formed, you identify the sources of data available to you and your partner and use that data to strengthen student supports, for example by aligning high school and college courses in core academic areas. The tools in this section will help you develop and maintain a winning partnership.

Facilitator Tools and Resources

The facilitator’s tools and resources provide you with workshop protocols and online resources to conduct professional development sessions around using data effectively. These resources are organized by the topics (e.g. Getting Started with Data, Data and the College Partnership) and each resource includes facilitator’s notes to help you plan delivery.

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