A dashboard is complements and supports a school's goal-setting process that may occur once or twice a year. Setting goals can help a school focus on the areas of improvement most important for the coming year. The protocol can be used to establish baselines and then track progress toward the goals.

Setting up a Dashboard

1. Leaders often work with school staff to establish annual goals for school improvement. While these may vary by school, the following are common goals:

  • Improving student performance in high school
  • Improving readiness for college in:
    • Math
    • English
    • Writing
    • College knowledge
    • Other aspects
  • Insuring student success in:
    • Initial college courses
    • Ongoing college courses
  • Improving student attendance in high school or college
  • Recruiting target groups of students.
  • Retaining target groups of students
  • Improving performance on state tests
  • Identifying strategies that work best with different groups of students.

2. Pick two to four goals to work on and track for the coming year. There are important advantages to including those who will implement activities to attain the goals in the decision-making process.

3. Adopt or adapt BUILDING BLOCKS that correspond to each goal. Make sure that they focus on priority concerns of the school.

4. Decide:

  • When the data in each building block will be collected
    [RECOMMENDED: data collection at least two times per year].
  • Who will collect it
    [RECOMMENDED: Make one person responsible for each building block]
  • When it will be shared and analyzed by school staff
    [RECOMMENDED: Make data sharing an agenda item during retreats or staff meetings]
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