Creating an Online Survey

Goal for Session

Participants will:

  • Create an online survey using SurveyMonkey 

Note: This was conceptualized as a 90-minute workshop; however, you can modify the timeline to meet the needs of the audience.

Materials Needed:

  • Computers with Internet access
  • SurveyMonkey© (Free Version)
  • Projector for facilitator’s computer





  1. Review the session goals
  2. Check that everyone has logged on and it connected to the Internet

10 Minutes

Work Time 


  1. Project your computer so participants can see where to go and what to select.
  2. Make sure to allow time for participants to ask questions.
  3. Walk participants through the basics of developing an online survey, following the steps listed below:
    1. Log on using
    2. On right side of page, go to “Sign Up for Free” and fill out form and select time zone. Click on “Create New Account.”
    3. When screen changes, look for black bar across the top and click on “Create Survey.” You will see that “Create Survey from Scratch" has already been selected.
    4. Below that, enter the title of the survey, (e.g., “Demographic Survey”) and click on “Create Survey.”
    5. “Changing the Look” has to do with background colors and we will skip that for now.
    6. Look at “Page #1 – Default Section.”  Next to this, click on “Edit Page.”  This allows you to give a title and brief description of the purpose of the survey. On the new screen, go to “Page Title” and fill it in. Below, find “Page Description” and fill it in. Click on “Save Page.”  You will now see the page title and description on the survey. For corrections, go to “Edit Page.”
    7. Click on “Add Question.” The new screen will ask you to choose a question type. For purposes of this workshop we will limit ourselves to three types: Multiple Choice – one answer per row; Matrix of Choices – Multiple answers per row; and Comment/Essay Box.  To find directions for other types, see “Select a Type of Question – Examples” on the top row. Click on and the types of questions will be displayed. Move the cursor to the question type you are interested in and an example will be displayed.
    8. Multiple Choice – One answer per row will be our first type of question. Go to “Choose Question Type” and move cursor to that type. A new screen will appear. 
    9. Fill in the Question Text Box – (e.g., “Please indicate the type of school you are.”) Now go to “Answer Choices” and you might (using separate rows for each) public, private, charter, or home school.  When finished, click on save changes and the question will appear on your survey.  To make changes, click on “Edit Question.”  Now click on “Add Question” for the next type.
    10. This time select “Matrix of Choices (Multiple Answers per Row).” In the question box, type “Please indicate the percentage of your students in the listed categories that go on to attend [School Name].” 
    11. Go to “Row Choices” and indicate on separate lines something like “less that 25%”; “between 25 and 50%”; etc.
    12. Use down arrow and go to “Column Choices” to indicate (on separate lines) the student categories, (e.g., “students with one or more failures in 8th grade”)
    13. Sometimes we want to allow the respondent to add a comment. Use the down arrow again to locate “Comment Field.” Change “Field Label” to “Comments.”  In the “Comment Box Size” field, change rows and width. Click on “Save Changes” and the new question will appear.
    14. Click on “Add Question.’  For the third question, we will select “Comment/Essay Box” from the “Choose Type” selections. Fill in the “Question Text” (e.g., “What suggestions do you have for ...” Go to “Change Question Size and Placement” box and adjust “Box Size.”  Click on “Save Changes.”

40 Minutes

  1. Direct participants to work either independently or with a partner to develop a sample school survey.
  2. Show how to preview the survey, collect results, and analyze results using the following steps:
    1. Assuming a survey has been complete, direct participants to the upper right side of the screen to find “Preview Survey” and click on.  You will now see how the survey will look.  Changes can be make changes by using the edit tools.
    2. Show participants the tabs at the top and click on the “Collect Results” tab.  A link will have been created. Use the “Edit” functions on your toolbar to “Copy” the link. Now an email can be composed with a “pasted” link to the survey.
    3. When the surveys have been completed, participants will be able to use the “Analyze” function. 

20 Minutes



  1. Provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

20 Minutes

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